“Leapfrogging” is a surprising, and an inspiring phenomenon. As Rebecca Winthrop notes in her article for the Stanford Social Innovation Review, “Many African countries never systematically invested in laying phone lines, yet today access to cell phone service on the continent has grown so rapidly that in many cases communities are more likely to be connected […]

Whizz Education is proud to work on Project iMlango in partnership with the Department for International Development to improve educational outcomes and life chances for marginalised girls in Kenya. Thousands of girls, marginalised through poverty, will gain access to new e-learning opportunities in maths, English and life skills. Whizz Education will be providing digital resources in […]

The flipped classroom model of instruction has exploded in popularity over the past few years. It has also sparked new debates around how best to meet each child’s individual needs. Yet the underlying concept of the flipped classroom dates back thousands of years. So what exactly is the ‘flipped classroom’, and why is it attracting […]

You may or may not have noticed your child scoring low on tests within Maths-Whizz even though they’ve scored highly in the associated exercises. This can happen if children click through the questions quickly without attempting to answer the questions. Why do children need to complete all of the questions in the tests? Not all children appreciate the importance of […]

Parents, teachers and students can now access Maths-Whizz on iPads and Android tablets We are pleased to announce that Maths-Whizz® is available on mobile devices! Maths-Whizz subscribers can access the online virtual tutor on iPads and tablets, through Puffin Academy, the free Flash mobile browser that provides access to whitelisted online educational resources. Please note: 1) You must […]