The winning pet design from The Maths-Whizz Creative Competition is now available in the Whizz Shop. Last month, we asked Maths-Whizz students to take part in The Maths-Whizz Creative Competition and design a new toy or pet for the Whizz Shop. We received so many entries! The creativity and the effort that Whizzers put into their drawings was amazing! Thanks […]

The Whizz Play Area of the Bedroom is even more entertaining with Pirate Rabbit, a new pet that is now available in the Whizz Shop. This fun new friend likes to dress as a pirate and pretend he is a pilot. What does Pirate Rabbit do? Enjoy using slingshots to launch birds at pigs? Why not launch a […]

Is your child a Maths Whizzer? Come up with some creative maths costumes this Halloween! Halloween is a time when children can express their hobbies and interests through their costumes. Maths Whizzers don’t often get to display their love of numbers through their clothing choices, but there are some homemade maths-related Halloween costumes that will […]

Do you remember your school playtime? It was the part of the school day that you looked forward to the most, right? It’s one of the only times of the day that children can combine playing with their new toys with playing with their school friends – and it’s actually a hugely important time for […]