The winning pet design from The Maths-Whizz Creative Competition is now available in the Whizz Shop. Last month, we asked Maths-Whizz students to take part in The Maths-Whizz Creative Competition and design a new toy or pet for the Whizz Shop. We received so many entries! The creativity and the effort that Whizzers put into their drawings was amazing! Thanks […]

Whizz pets need to be fed just like real pets, so all unwanted pets will be looked after at the Whizz Zoo! As a parent or a teacher, you’ll know that students work hard to earn credits on Maths-Whizz so that they can buy toys and pets from the Whizz Shop. We all want to […]

What will you call your virtual study area? Your child can now choose their own name for the base to their virtual learning environment with Maths-Whizz. The ‘study’ can now be renamed to anything your child likes – provided it doesn’t involve any inappropriate language of course! The study is the area between the ‘Whizz Shop’ […]