“Leapfrogging” is a surprising, and an inspiring phenomenon. As Rebecca Winthrop notes in her article for the Stanford Social Innovation Review, “Many African countries never systematically invested in laying phone lines, yet today access to cell phone service on the continent has grown so rapidly that in many cases communities are more likely to be connected […]

Whizz Education is proud to work on Project iMlango in partnership with the Department for International Development to improve educational outcomes and life chances for marginalised girls in Kenya. Thousands of girls, marginalised through poverty, will gain access to new e-learning opportunities in maths, English and life skills. Whizz Education will be providing digital resources in […]

Whizz Education is committed to leading research in innovations to enhance the Maths-Whizz Tutor and, ultimately, your child’s learning experience. That’s why we’re part of iTalk2Learn: a 3-year EU-funded research project with the ambitious goal of creating a next generation virtual tutor. The iTalk2Learn tutor seeks to replicate the behaviour of a human tutor. Using cutting-edge technologies, like speech […]

Believe it or not, Maths-Whizz was launched in 2004… from a shed on the side of the house of one of our founders in South East England! Whizz Education set out to replicate the behaviour of a human tutor and has been pioneering online adaptive learning and furthering the frontiers of online virtual tuition ever […]