Tiki Parrot, the New Whizz Pet Designed by Whizzers!

The winning pet design from The Maths-Whizz Creative Competition is now available in the Whizz Shop.

Last month, we asked Maths-Whizz students to take part in The Maths-Whizz Creative Competition and design a new toy or pet for the Whizz Shop.

We received so many entries! The creativity and the effort that Whizzers put into their drawings was amazing! Thanks and well done to everyone that entered the competition – You can check out some of the entries in the competition gallery on Facebook.

Since this was all about a new toy or pet that was made by Whizzers, for Whizzers, the judges of the competition had to be Whizzers too! Maths-Whizz students voted for their favourite design and democracy reigned

And the winner is…

Maths-Whizz students didn’t vote for just one winner, or even two… there were three resounding winners of The Maths-Whizz Creative Competition.

The top three designs included a badminton-playing parrot and a dancing parrot (from two girls at Bangkok Patana School), as well as a skating parrot (from a boy at The Mead School). The final combination of these winning designs resulted in Tiki Parrot, the new Whizz pet.

Tiki Parrot

From the rainforests of South America to the Whizz Shop

Whilst some of you may be off to exotic locations on your holidays very soon, Tiki Parrot has left the rainforests of South America and made his way to the Whizz Shop.

Tiki Parrot on the Whizz Shop

He’s certainly picked up some interesting talents on his travels and has a particular like for Disco music!

Tiki tells us he’s really keen to meet all Maths-Whizz students, so encourage them to work hard and earn the 1,200 credits that are needed in order to have him in their own Whizz Play Area.

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