Topic Focus: A teacher’s guide

This academic year, we launched a major upgrade to your Maths-Whizz experience.

Topic Focus is a new release which helps you teach maths more effectively while making your life easier.

It’s amazing to see and hear about so many teachers getting great results already…

“An invaluable tool. I really enjoy the way that I can pick up whole class issues and allow the children to focus on them. The improvement is fantastic!”

Teacher, Pulham Primary School

Read on for a quick guide to achieving more with Topic Focus. For more information, advice and free training on the new releases, contact your Customer Success Manager now on 0203 328 6564 or email [email protected]


Announcing Topic Focus

Our experience shows that Maths-Whizz works best in the hands of our teachers.

For the last year, we’ve been visiting hundreds of schools to find out what teachers need and how Maths-Whizz can help. The result is Topic Focus, a new release which uses the power of the Maths-Whizz Tutor to directly support your week-to-week teaching.

From Tutor to Teaching Assistant

You can now direct the Maths-Whizz Tutor to focus your students on any curriculum topic you choose. With a few clicks in the simple Topic Focus wizard, you can set personalised lessons on that topic for each and every child in the classroom.

Students who are ready for the topic will receive lessons that meet their individual needs and pace of learning. Students who have already completed the topic will consolidate their knowledge in Topic Bank and Replay, and children who aren’t ready yet will continue to build the right foundations.

The Tutor continuously assesses students as they work on the topic, giving you key information through your Tutoring Plus reports. With these insights, you can enrich your planning and teaching to achieve more with your students in less time.

“Topic focus allows us to challenge the children in the areas where it is required. The classes which use it have noticed significant improvements.”

Joel Stokoe, Dhekelia Primary School

Using Topic Focus

Access the simple Topic Focus wizard from your Class Report in Maths-Whizz Tutoring Plus. Click the ‘Focus class on a topic’ button at the bottom of your Dashboard screen, or select the ‘Topics’ tab at the top of the page before clicking the ‘Topic Focus’ button.

With the pop-up wizard, there are three easy steps to Topic Focus.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 17.47.33

First, select a curriculum topic, and instantly see each child’s needs – whether they have already completed the topic, are ready to learn it or still need to build the foundations.

Second, set a deadline of up to a week.

Third, review your selections and confirm.

The next time your students log in to the Maths-Whizz Tutor, they will work on the topic you selected, receiving lessons tailored to their unique needs and pace of learning.

Support your Daily Teaching

“I have been using topic focus with my class as their set homework every other week. I’ve found it a handy way to brush up on mental skills before a new unit, and also to revise units we’ve covered recently. It’s useful for targeting students’ time on a particular area, especially class areas of weakness, to make sure they cover it in more than one way.”

Bethany Megson, Barton Primary School

Importantly, Topic Focus is designed to make the Maths-Whizz Tutor work for you, so how you use it will depend on your own teaching and curriculum needs.

Our teachers are already using Topic Focus to:

– Set targeted homework

– Deliver pre-learning ahead of classroom lessons

– Consolidate material covered in previous lessons

Remember: Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is always on hand to give you more information, advice and free training on Topic Focus, as well as the Maths-Whizz Suite more generally.

If you haven’t had a chance to discuss Topic Focus yet, call your Customer Success Manager now on 0203 328 6564 or contact Customer Support via our website.

We’ll be discussing Topic Focus at your termly review, so to take full advantage, make sure you book now using the above details.

You can read more about Topic Focus and some other recent releases in this post from our Head of Product, Junaid.

We’re excited about what you can achieve with Topic Focus.

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