Topic Progression Chart: Find out how much progress your class has made in each topic

Want to know which topics your students need to work on most? Find out where to target your teaching for maximum impact with the new Topic Progression Chart.

The Topic Progression Chart has now been added to the ‘Topics’ tab within your Class Reports. You are now able to easily identify the average ‘Topic Age’* in your class for each topic, with a clear visual representation of the average progress that has been made in each of these topics.

How can the Topic Progression Chart help you?

This new chart will enable you to see how your whole class is progressing in individual topics, and adapt your lesson plans according to your students’ needs.

As well as using this chart to plan which topics to focus upon in your next lessons, you can show it to your class so that they can see how much they’ve learnt as a group – it’s a great way to congratulate your class on their collective progress since they were last assessed!

To see this snapshot of your students’ collective progress, select the ‘Topics’ tab within your Class Reports.

Screenshot of new topic progression chart for schools

Understanding the Topic Progression Chart

  • The red markers indicate the average Topic Age in the given topic at the time of the last assessment.
  • The green bars indicate average progress in each topic since your students were last assessed.
  • The green lines at the end of the green bars indicate the current average Topic Age.

Quite simply, the longer the green bars, the more progress has been made in that topic! The Maths-Whizz Tutor automatically tailors each student’s learning journey to their individual needs, resulting in a more rounded Maths Age overall. In just the same way, you can use this tool to help you identify which areas to focus on for your class as a whole.

You can view more detail about the individual topics by hovering your mouse over the topic names. This will display a summary of the progress in this topic, including the number of students that have contributed to the data in the Topic Progression Chart.

Maths-Whizz topic progression chart - topic information

Remember that the Topic Progression Chart only displays data since the last assessment. If your whole class has recently been reassessed, you will see red markers without the green bars. Why not use this as an opportunity to show your class which areas you need to work on as a group and then come back to it later to prove how their hard work has paid off!

Go to your Class Reports to find out how your class is getting on now!

Find out more

To see how the Maths-Whizz Reports can help you, or for more information about the new Topic Progression Chart, please contact Customer Support via our website, or on +44 (0) 203 328 6564.

* FYI, a ‘Topic Age‘ is just like a Maths Age, but it is specific to a given topic!

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