Tuesday, the best day for using Maths-Whizz Online Tutoring

Maths-Whizz statistics gave us the answer to the most pressing question of our time – which day is best for using Maths-Whizz Online Tutoring?

Mars – the God of Maths-Whizz?

I’m sure you all probably recognised the following picture of Mars (the god after whom this day of the week was named) but as the title of this post implies, the most productive day of the week for Maths-Whizz is a Tuesday.

God Mars statue

On all the Tuesdays back in 2007 Maths-Whizz students completed 67,615 animated exercises (which is more than 600,000 maths questions!).

This matches what goes on at work and in school, where Tuesday is also the most productive day of the week. But don’t take our word for it; surveys of office executives confirm our suspicions that Maths-Whizzers are either the office executives of the future, or simply reflect weekly patterns (we’d like to think it’s the first, obviously).

Whizz students

The next most popular days for Whizz were Thursdays and Wednesdays, at 65,000 and 64,500 exercises respectively. As you’d expect, the Maths-Whizz data also showed that Friday was the poorest-performing weekday, when children and FTSE 100 executives everywhere are demob-happy – more concerned with texting friends and checking their bebo accounts than using award-winning education software (whilst we don’t imagine FTSE 100 executives spend much time on bebo, it’s fair to say some of them could do with a little Maths-Whizz in their lives).

Sunday, on the other hand, was quite good for Whizz students. Presumably most of them aren’t too full of their sunday lunch to get a little interactive maths learning.

So what does this mean for parents? Should you encourage your children to use Maths-Whizz on a Tuesday? We would suggest yes – it’s clearly a productive day, and a student who makes good progress early in the week might feel a greater sense of accomplishment by the end of it.

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