Unfed Whizz Pets to be Donated to the Whizz Zoo

Whizz pets need to be fed just like real pets, so all unwanted pets will be looked after at the Whizz Zoo!

As a parent or a teacher, you’ll know that students work hard to earn credits on Maths-Whizz so that they can buy toys and pets from the Whizz Shop.

We all want to encourage students to keep earning credits so that they can buy their new favourite pet, but we need to make sure their old pets continue to be looked after. No matter how much a child wants to buy Hammie the Hamster, sometimes the novelty wears off when they set their sights on a new toy like Pirate Rabbit instead.

Whizz pet asking to be fed


Fortunately, Maths-Whizz is here to protect any Whizz pets that get forgotten and are unfed.

Students on home subscriptions have been able to donate their unfed pets to the Whizz Zoo since December 2013 and students on schools subscriptions are now able to do the same.

What happens when a Whizz pet doesn’t get fed?

If a child does not feed a pet after 3 visits to Maths-Whizz, they will receive a reminder to feed the pet. They will receive a new reminder upon every visit until the pet is fed or donated to the Whizz Zoo.

feed me message from pet

How long before pets are taken away?

If the pet is not fed after 6 visits, it will be donated to the Whizz Zoo on the child’s behalf and they will be notified of their donation. Don’t worry, the Whizz Zoo only accepts one new resident at a time, so students will never lose all unfed pets in one go!

Every time a student donates a pet to the Whizz Zoo, they will be making room for new pets in their Play Area. Remember, if a child doesn’t want their pet to be donated to the Whizz Zoo, all they need to do is feed it before it is taken away!

Encourage your students or your child to log in to their account and earn credits to feed their hungry pets or buy new pets now!

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