Whizz Education Wins Prestigious Consumer Award

Whizz Education is delighted to announce that after rigorous consumer testing Maths-Whizz Tutoring Plus has been awarded the prestigious Silver 5-7 Educator Award.

London, England | This award, recognises that child-directed learning is refreshing and valuable in a world of hot-housing and pressure directed at both parents and children.

Maths-Whizz Tutoring + was tested not just by teachers and parents, but by the harshest of critics, children themselves.
Testers described Maths-Whizz as:
“ A very valuable learning aid that has a good variety of questions. The initial appeal of the program is high and children find it easy to get in to.”

Madeleine White, Marketing Director, comments:
“ We are delighted to have received this superb consumer-driven award for Key Stage 1 learners. As a parent I am passionate about looking for ways to participate in my children’s learning journey. As a businesswoman I know how valuable it is to parents to be able to be part of your little ones learning – Math-Whizz enables us to do this remotely, even when we can’t be around. This award demonstrates confidence parents and children have in the Math-Whizz Triangle of Success. This Math-Whizz linked learning environment is available to everyone online, at the fraction of the cost of traditional tutoring. We are also looking forward to the Key Stage 2 awards coming online next year!”

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