Who’s Your Maths Role Model?

We all need role models, but who’s your maths role model and are they female?

Our data shows that there is no difference between girls and boys in maths, no matter where they are in the world. Female mathematicians are out there, and they’re calculating away just as hard as any male mathematician would do.

Lisa Simpson has to be one of the ultimate female mathematicians… even if she does have yellow spiky hair! She’s also a great example of a girl that stands up for what is right. She’s a true role model far beyond the realm of maths (and perhaps even beyond the realm of cartoons!).

Simon Singh’s new book, ‘The Mathematical Secrets of the Simpsons’, covers the hidden mathematical themes of the animated series over a number of episodes and characters, including Lisa. Although she’s a polymath who excels at everything she does, it’s Lisa’s academic abilities that really stand out. This just goes to show how our favourite (or perhaps not-so-favourite) subject is all around us – it’s even embedded in one of the most successful animated TV series ever!

So who would your maths role model be? Let us know!

(P.S. They don’t have to be female, but it’s not such a bad place to start…)



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