Closing the Learning Gap from a Psychological Perspective

Recently many educators and educational leaders have been talking about ‘the learning gap’ and how to fill it. The coronavirus was a hugely challenging time for everyone and continues to have an impact in many schools across the country. Undeniably children have suffered. However, measuring the impact of disjointed schooling over the past 2 years is the challenge we now face.

What are the ongoing effects of this? What can we do to help our children thrive in education once again?

Key Speakers

Richard Marett

CEO, Whizz Education

Richard graduated from Oxford University with a BA and MA in Mathematics. In the role of CEO, Richard leads the team at Whizz Education and, working with individual schools, ministries of education, donor organisations and commercial partners across the globe, supports our mission to raise standards in education through individualised learning. Richard also actively supports and drives product research and innovation, collaborating with academic and industry-led groups.

Dr Gemma Slack

Principal Educational Psychologist and Co-founder, Lincolnshire Psychology Services

Dr Gemma Slack is a Principal Educational Psychologist and one of the Co-founders and Directors of Lincolnshire Psychology Services. Gemma is the co-author of an adapted CBT programme for children with SEN and is passionate about developing and delivering high quality and interactive training to schools, having travelled around the UK and Ireland delivering training in anxiety and mental health support.

About Lincolnshire Psychology Services:
LPS is an independent service offering Educational Psychology support direct to schools across Lincolnshire and surrounding areas. LPS consists of a team of Doctors of Educational Psychology and Assistant Psychologists, highly trained to offer expert psychological advice. The team works in all areas of Special Educational Needs, from learning and behaviour to social and emotional issues. The psychologists also work more widely to support all young people in education to thrive and reach their full potential.