So what exactly are these ‘cookie’ things?

Unfortunately, Whizz Education’s cookie policy does not involve offering you a tasty snack when you visit our website. This is because the types of ‘cookies’ that we use are actually small text files placed by a website onto each website user's computer whenever the website is accessed. 

Where do cookies come from?

Cookies are created every time each user’s browser loads the website. sends information to your browser, which then creates a text file - the cookie. 

What are cookies for?

We understand that you may be disappointed to hear that we are talking about the not-so-tasty cookies, but it should make you feel a bit better to hear that this means that we can offer a more accessible website for you, our customers. Cookies are necessary in order for Whizz Education to be able to do two things: Track the effectiveness of each page and subsequently adapt the website to make it more user-friendly. Authenticate you as a user when you login to your student, teacher or parent account. Essentially, this is what allows you stay logged in to the Maths-Whizz service! 

What will happen if you do not agree for us to use cookies? works best when cookies are used. If you do not let Whizz Education track your use of with cookies, you will not be able to stay logged in to Maths-Whizz services. Essentially, this means that whenever you navigate to a new page, you will have to enter your login details over and over again. If you really, really don’t want them stored you can periodically delete them from your browser or even block them entirely. However, as mentioned above, the information stored on your computer from third party sites like ours is completely harmless and any attempts to prevent this access will have a negative impact upon your use of our site and the services we provide. If you have any further questions about the types of cookies that we use, the cookies that we use are highlighted in our privacy policy.