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Testimonials from teachers, headteachers and maths subject leaders who use Maths-Whizz to raise standards in maths for their schools.

"Maths-Whizz inspires an enjoyment of maths through its games based pedagogy. Activities are tailored to suit individual pace whilst developing pupils' conceptual and procedural fluency."
Robin Kneale
Head of Primary, The Sultans School
"As a parent I am truly grateful that our children can utilise Maths-Whizz as a very important learning tool to further develop mathematical abilities."
Parent of Roxanne, Yr6
"Maths-Whizz offers an engaging platform through which students develop and consolidate a full range of mathematical skills in a personalised way. We chose Maths-Whizz because it is research-based, has a great reputation for supporting progress in mathematics, and because of the high quality of the platform. We have not been disappointed. It is a great resource and I have been impressed by the quality of training and support offered to ensure that we implemented its use successfully at our school."
Catherine Erpen
Assistant Principal