Join the Whizz Education Summer challenge 2022 - Building for a greener future

Embark on the new Whizz Education summer challenge 2022 ‘Building for a greener future’.

This series of complimentary cross curricular activities for school projects aims to empower students with skills for the future by developing their STEM skills whilst exposing them to critical global themes such as sustainability and climate change.

This challenge will get them thinking and problem solving about their environment, making positive changes towards a sustainable world and how maths is integral to understanding the complexities of these themes.

These engaging and fun activities can be used effectively as individual stand-alone activities, in school or at home, or as part of a wider school project.

Register your interest below to get children ‘Building for a greener future’ TODAY through a series of complimentary challenge activities which will enhance their awareness and thinking around climate change and sustainability.

The aims of the challenge:

  • To give students the opportunity to develop their experimental and investigation skills through a series of planned challenges
  • To enable students to ask questions and develop a line of inquiry based on observations of the real world
  • To plan, design and carry out an investigation to meet the criteria of the challenge

Structure of the challenge

  • 10 weeks worth of weekly content
  • Each weekly project is broken into 8 mini-projects that fit into independent activities. This gives full autonomy to commit to the full project or to draw on part of a project to deliver in school.
  • Weekly problems focussed on measurement and geometry to keep skill simmering.
  • These resources provide a flexible framework guide for teachers to run a range of projects over the summer term:
    • Use a mini project with a new class on transition days in the summer.
    • Transition project over a period of time with Year 6 pupils to help them with the move from primary to secondary school.
    • STEM Project week in school
    • STEM Project afternoons - each teacher could specialise in one and students rotate each afternoon
    • Start the project in school then set as homework/ after school activity
    • Summer camp project
    • Use in STEM club

How to participate:

Pre-register your interest by filling in the form below and you'll then be sent an email containing the link to download all the activities and games. Remember, there is no cost at all to entering our Summer Challenge.

As you work through the activities, share your pictures with us by tagging us on Facebook or Twitter, or by email ([email protected]) and be in to win a chocolate hamper!