How to turn learning loss into learning gain?

There is now a gap of four years in the ability between the children who find a subject difficult and those who excel at it. As parents, we want to know how well each and every child are progressing, and where they are struggling.

In this webinar, we explore a simple way to know exactly where our children are at, and how to fill their maths knowledge gaps easily.

Turning learning loss into learning gain is not as difficult as we think it might be!

Join this webinar with Peris Warue, Customer Support Agent at Whizz Education, to learn more about it!

Key Speaker

Peris Warue

Customer Support Agent @Whizz Education

Peris is part of the Support Team at Whizz Education. She loves helping parents get the most out of Maths-Whizz! Outside of work, Peris is passionate about community development.