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Testimonials from teachers, headteachers and maths subject leaders who use Maths-Whizz to raise standards in maths for their schools.

"Maths-Whizz develops independence and helps us cater to the individual learning needs of our students. The data that our teachers receive is easily accessible and assists with further development of an effective Mathematical learning environment. Maths-Whizz is easy to integrate into the classroom and makes any program more effective."

Russell Burt
Principal, Pt England School

"Already, after one year, data is showing that students who have been using Maths-Whizz for 60 minutes or more are making accelerated progress through the GloSS stages compared to other students. We are excited about the differences Maths-Whizz is making for our students and the time it is saving our teachers."

Curtis Gaylor
Principal, Ruawai Primary School

"If I had to pick just one digital program for my students to have access to, then this would be it!"

Cheryl Wahineiti Manley
Rotorua Intermediate

"We’ve been trialling Maths-Whizz this year and are impressed with the data correlation between the initial diagnostic assessment that Maths-Whizz administers, and our own assessments. Class-wide weaknesses identified by Maths-Whizz were also identified in our PAT tests, which means Maths-Whizz will be a valuable and reliable tool to add to our OTJ discussions and decisions."

John Western
Principal, Seatoun

"When we saw Maths-Whizz via a Skype presentation, we were hooked. Maths-Whizz brings 21st century learning to life as students, teachers and whanau (Māori word for and extended family) make the best use of technology to develop not only mathematical competency but an internalised self-motivated learning disposition as well. Dare yourself to make a real difference to mathematical achievement."

Allan Robertson
Principal Yalhurst School

"My children love Maths-Whizz! The animated lessons motivate them both to achieve better results. It’s user friendly for both children and parents. I love being able to track what my children are learning, how they are achieving and being able to assist with their learning. Big thumbs up, Whizz!"

Delanie Parangi
Te Rangi Āniwaniwa

"The implementation and ongoing administration of Whizz has been easy for myself as a principal and for classroom teachers. Whizz engages kids and supports individualised learning anywhere, anytime, anyplace."

Karen Reynolds
Principal, Hikutaia School.

"High student engagement, meets individual needs, great for administration purposes, keeps pushing kids to achieve, they’re on it before school and at home too."

Luke Rakoczy
Western Heights Primary

"I feel that this program brings together several successful elements of other types of learning programs and combines them into a one stop shop.  If I had to pick just one digital program for my students to have access to, then this would be it."

Rotorua Intermediate

"The best aspect is that once the assessment has been completed, it’s personalised for each student, without me having to reset things. Maths Whizz is great to work with – they offer excellent support and there’s always a quick response. As a Principal, I love being able to send out personalised messages of encouragement easily, and regularly."

Anne Lye
Principal, Churton Park School
"Maths-Whizz is by far the best maths programme I have ever come across. The animated lessons make learning a fun and engaging experience. The parent reports are a fantastic way of keeping track of your child’s progress in different areas. My son actually asks to do Maths-Whizz he loves it so much, and as a consequence, is excelling in maths beyond his age... He can’t wait to hop on the computer (which is a great incentive to get his book work done first). He is learning heaps and loves to receive challenges from other students, and stickers and messages from us."
Rachel a’Court

"We find we enjoy maths more because it makes our learning easier."

"We like the interaction in the activities and it is good how it teaches you new ways of learning"

Ruawai Primary School