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Pioneering Online Learning

Since 2004, Whizz Education has pioneered online, personalized learning in math. Math-Whizz started as a parent’s desire to help his own children learn math and was coupled with a need for an online product that could successfully simulate a live tutoring experience resulting measurable progress. Today, our award winning service is used by thousands of students worldwide and include Math-Whizz Teachers’ Resource and Math-Whizz Tutoring Plus.

As a global education company, Whizz Education supports 21st century learning by enabling parents and educators to use technology as a transformative educational tool.

Our teaching tools:

  • Engage students by providing relevant content based their instructional needs
  • Motivate students through immediate feedback and guided instruction
  • Delivers measurable results through increased academic achievement
  • Bridges learning – from school to home

“We are honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the lives of people worldwide by making a difference in their learning and potential to grow and live satisfying, confident and fulfilling lives.”

Richard Marett, CEO, Whizz Education

Whizz Education

Whizz Education was incorporated in 2004 as a privately funded Limited Liability Company in the United Kingdom. It is now led by a board of directors that includes founding members and industry experts. Whizz Education Inc was incorporated in the United States in 2006, and Whizz Education FZ LLC in the UAE was formed in 2010.

Our Values and Commitments

Our core values and commitments are fundamental to Whizz Education’s character and the way we run our business. Our goal is to create engaging and interactive products that are easy to use and educationally powerful. Furthermore, Whizz Education and its employees share in a sole purpose to inspire children, parents, schools, countries and cultures to engage in learning by connecting them to the resources they need, in a manner they will respond to. Quite simply, it’s why we come to work each day. We believe in providing greater educational opportunities for all – irrespective of nationality, culture, socio-economic circumstances or gender. We are accountable in terms of upholding these values in all our dealings with staff, customers, shareholders, suppliers, and partners. We welcome your engagement with the values and commitments that drive our company culture.

Our Values

Education: we are in the business of changing people’s lives through delivering products that enable better educational opportunities worldwide. Our employees are encouraged to embrace and pursue lifelong learning, through professional development opportunities and knowledge sharing.

Service: we are dedicated to satisfying customer needs, honoring commitments, and striving to deliver the best experience possible. We value our customers and work diligently to embody this through our service.

Integrity: we pride ourselves on being honest and trustworthy – as individuals and as a whole. We deliver on promises made and take responsibility for our actions in earnest attempts to gain the trust and respect of all those we encounter.

Collaboration: we facilitate environments where students, teachers, and parents experience superior educational opportunities. These environments are the product of continuous team efforts, based on our shared vision and mission.

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