If you were to play a word association game with a school-aged child, you’d be pretty unlikely to get a response of ‘cool’ when you asked them what word first came into their mind when you said ‘math’. Despite what some people may tell you, math is far from dull. On the contrary, there are plenty […]

Algebra. The mere mention of the word can cause even the bravest child to break out in a cold sweat. Yet despite what students may think, algebra exists to make their lives easier. To help alleviate any fears your child may be having, we’ve put together this ‘algebra for beginners’ blog that introduces this often […]

Summer’s finally here, so pack your children’s bags – it’s time to go on an adventure. Did you know that studies have found that students can lose almost three months’ worth of math knowledge during the summer vacation? With that in mind, how do you prevent summer learning loss while also ensuring that your kids […]

It’s the age-old question parents have asked since the dawn of time(s tables): “Are there any ways of making learning times tables fun?” Mastering times tables is a vital skill that children must learn before they enter high school and thus it is important that parents try to find fun ways to teach times tables. With […]

Parents, teachers and students can access Math-Whizz on iPads and Android tablets Math-Whizz subscribers can access the online virtual tutor on iPads and tablets, through Puffin Academy, the free Flash mobile browser that provides access to whitelisted online educational resources. Please note: 1) You must be an existing Math-Whizz subscriber to use Math-Whizz through the Puffin Academy app. If […]