Virtual tutoring is your child’s learning insurance

  If recent events have taught us anything, it’s that we can’t take the usual things for granted. Even the most basic tenets…
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June Math-Whizz Champion

Here at Whizz Education, we're all about celebrating success, which is why we've brought back our monthly Math-Whizz Champion award. This award celebrates…
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It’s not magic, it’s math – how the Japanese multiplication method works

There are lots of ways to multiply numbers. One approach that has caught people’s eye of late is the Japanese multiplication method. At…
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Fraction activities to try at home

Teaching fractions can be hard. Really hard. Games are a great way to help make those numerators and denominators stick. Here are some…
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Mindfulness and math

After several weeks in lockdown, our mental health deserves attention. As people around the world experience increased panic, anxiety and stress related to…
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