Parents, teachers and students can access Math-Whizz on iPads and Android tablets Math-Whizz subscribers can access the online virtual tutor on iPads and tablets, through Puffin Academy, the free Flash mobile browser that provides access to whitelisted online educational resources. Please note: 1) You must be an existing Math-Whizz subscriber to use Math-Whizz through the Puffin Academy app. If […]

With schools closing for the winter holiday, Math-Whizz is a fantastic way to continue progress and prevent learning loss. Every year, our Whizz Winter Adventure makes sure that math is on our students’ festive calendars (working around their busy present-opening schedules, of course…), and this year’s adventure is packed with themed activities and quizzes. As always, our Adventure has […]

Math-Whizz exists to make teachers’ lives easier. Over the past year, we have visited schools the world over to understand how to help you achieve your curriculum goals. You kindly shared your feedback and insights from the classroom. We listened. The result is Topic Focus: the most powerful expression yet of our commitment to helping […]

The bilingual student experience removes language barriers for Spanish Speaking Whizzers in the US There are five million students in the US classified as English Language Learners (ELL). 75% of these students speak Spanish. Learning math in another language can be a frustrating experience that negatively impacts students’ progress in math. Whizz is tackling the […]

The Whizz team brings you an exciting announcement! Read on to discover how the Math-Whizz tutor is being updated to better support your curriculum goals, as well as how you can get involved with user testing. Whizz was founded on the belief that every child deserves a learning journey that caters to their individual needs […]