Math-Whizz 2.0, a brave new world of math!

Launching in Spring/Summer this year, Math-Whizz 2.0 is the result of over 18 months worth of research, planning and development to both migrate…
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It’s time for the Math-Whizz Winter Adventure 2016!

With schools closing for the winter holiday, Math-Whizz is a fantastic way to continue progress and prevent learning loss. Every year, our Whizz Winter Adventure makes…
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Announcing Topic Focus: A package of new releases to help you plan and deliver your curriculum

Math-Whizz exists to make teachers’ lives easier. Over the past year, we have visited schools the world over to understand how to help…
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Teaching Math in Spanish with Math-Whizz

The new bilingual student experience in Math-Whizz removes language barriers for ELL students by teaching math in Spanish There are five million students…
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Guide group learning in Math-Whizz with Topic Focus

The Whizz team brings you an exciting announcement! Read on to discover how the Math-Whizz tutor is being updated to better support your…
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