Which Learning Style Are You?

Find your child’s learning style, and learn smarter At Whizz, we’re constantly amazed at how adaptable and hard working children continue to be,…
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Whizz Education Statement on Recent Events in America and Around the Globe

  Dear friends, The protests that began in Minneapolis and have continued in cities across the United States and around the world over…
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Math-Whizz 2.0 is performing better than ever thanks to your feedback

When we released Math-Whizz 2.0 in 2019, we knew there would be some teething issues. We’re always delighted to hear from our users…
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The Return of the Math-Whizz Champion

At Whizz, we’re always looking for new ways to encourage children to engage with learning and celebrate success to ensure hard work never…
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How to teach fractions to young children

“I’ll have the smaller half!” How many times have we said this contradicting statement? Of all the topics in elementary math, fractions is…
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