Jump ahead in leaps and bounds!

Students can now experience an even more personalized learning journey with the Math-Whizz Tutor…

What does this mean?

The latest enhancement to the Math-Whizz Tutor allows students to progress faster, accelerating their learning journey through existing areas of knowledge.

The Tutor now analyzes each student’s performance after every question (instead of at the end of each lesson), enabling it to adapt to each student’s needs within the selected exercises. This means that students only need to answer questions that are suited to their individual needs and can therefore pass some exercises early without having to complete all the questions.

This takes Math-Whizz another step closer to successfully simulating the behavior of a human tutor by delivering the right lesson at the right time for every child.

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How does it work?

Until now, the Math-Whizz Tutor has evaluated student performance on an exercise-by-exercise basis. Now, the Tutor is able to drill deeper and analyze performance after each question within an exercise. Check out the video below to see just how this works…

After every question, the Tutor makes a judgment on whether the student is ready to move on to the next exercise (or ‘pass’ the current exercise). If the Tutor decides that the student is ready to move on, the ‘Jump unlocked‘ button will be activated. This indicates that the Tutor has decided that the student is ready to move on to the associated test for that lesson without further practice.

Not all exercises are affected by this change. Around 400 exercises (about a third of all Math-Whizz exercises) have been carefully selected and now have this accelerated progress functionality. The logic behind this varies from one exercise to the next, as it takes into account multiple criteria and adapts to lesson content. This means that the number of questions that need to be passed, before a student can choose to jump ahead, will vary within different exercises.

jump unlockedRemember, when the Tutor gives them the option of skipping the rest of the questions in an exercise, your students will always be able to choose whether they want to jump ahead or have more practice – giving them more control over their own learning. However, if they do jump ahead and then fail the associated test, they will have to complete all the questions the next time they attempt the same exercise.

How will it affect you and your children?

As a Math-Whizz teacher or parent, you can now see exactly which exercises have been jumped in your Reports.

jumped exercise in reports 2

If your children do choose to jump ahead with their exercises, you will soon start noticing the impact on their learning – both within your Reports and in the classroom.

Now that this new tutoring functionality is in place, you may also find that some of your students move through the curriculum and increase in ability at a faster pace. Students can take more control over their learning, resulting in increased confidence and renewed enthusiasm!

If you don’t have access to Math-Whizz Tutoring Plus and you would like to find out more about a truly personalized learning experience for your students, please get in touch. If you are already a Math-Whizz user, log in to check out these changes and contact the Customer Success Team with any questions.

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