Math-Whizz Reports track student progress all the way back to their initial assessment

Math-Whizz Reports now provide parents and teachers with even more visibility on student progress. At any time, parents and teachers with subscriptions to Math-Whizz Tutoring Plus can view Reports over any time period – including the entire history since the completion of the very first Math-Whizz assessment.

Assessments: Part of the personalized tutoring equation…

When a child first logs in, the Math-Whizz Tutor assesses their ability in math, just as a human tutor would do. From there, the Tutor adapts their learning journey based upon their individual needs – ensuring the right lesson at the right time for every child.

Occasionally, students need to be reassessed at a later stage. Until now, every time a child’s assessment was reset (triggering a reassessment), their Reports were refreshed and the data from their previous work was therefore removed.

What happens now?

As a Math-Whizz parent or teacher, you can now reset assessments at any point without losing any data gained to date. This means you can also access insights about student progress over any time period since they completed their initial assessment – and you can do so at any time.

History tab reporting view with reassessment


Notification that student is currently in assessment mode

To make use of this increased visibility within your Reports, log in as you would usually do, then choose your desired report period from the drop-down list. The data will always be available, even if a reassessment has taken place within that time period or if you view the Reports while the student is part-way through a reassessment.


If the report period is set to ‘Current Academic Year’, for example, you will now see data for the whole academic year (not just since the last assessment this academic year). This gives you full visibility on each student’s progress, all year round!

If you would like to track a student’s progress between a specific time period (such as the current term), choose your desired dates from the calendar view in the ‘Choose Date’ report period.

Report period options in drop-down menu


To have complete visibility on a student’s overall progress with Math-Whizz, you can view their entire history since their very first assessment, including any reassessments they may have had since. Go to your chosen Report and choose the ‘Full History’ report period from the drop-down menu.

Identify learning loss in an instant

The Math-Whizz Tutor focuses on the topics in which each child needs more support, in order to bring about a rounded math profile. However, it can only do so if they continue to spend regular time with the Tutor; if they don’t, they may experience learning loss.

Since you can now view a student’s full history on Math-Whizz, you can easily identify learning loss as well as progress. If a child is reassessed at any point, you may see a decrease in Math Age for a given topic over time (in any report view other than ‘Since Last Assessment’). This means that the student has experienced learning loss and therefore slipped below their previous level in that topic.

Progress report with negative progress in some topics

Now that you can easily identify learning loss via your Student or Class Progress Reports, it’s your opportunity to back up the Tutor in focusing upon that particular topic and therefore increasing the Math Age overall!

Does your child need to be reassessed?

Remember, Math-Whizz provides a personalized tutoring program for every child, based upon their individual learning needs. Just like a human tutor, it’s really important that the Math-Whizz Tutor knows what those needs are, so they may need to be reassessed if…

  • They haven’t used Math-Whizz for a while
  • You’ve just re-subscribed after a break away from Math-Whizz
  • You feel that the overall level is not suited to their current ability (not just in a few topics)

Teachers can reset assessments by clicking on the ‘Edit’ tab in the relevant School, Class or Student Reports. If you are a parent and you think your child may need to be reassessed or you have any questions about these changes to your Reports, please contact Customer Support. The next time the student logs in after their assessment has been reset, they will go straight into the reassessment (and none of their hard earned credits will be lost!).

Make sure you log in to familiarize yourself with these changes so you get even more out of your Math-Whizz subscription!

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