Math-Whizz Teachers’ Resource has been updated!

At Whizz Education, we know how precious time is. That’s why we regularly respond to feedback from parents, students and teachers alike to make Math-Whizz as effective as possible.

If you use Math-Whizz in your school, you’ll know that all the exercises and worksheets are mapped to the Common Core. This means that you can plan for optimal Common Core coverage and build every lesson around key requirements for every standard.

The new Common Core Completion Reports in Math-Whizz Tutoring Plus mean that you can easily identify any learning objectives that have not yet been covered by your students. You’ll then know exactly where to target your teaching, using Math-Whizz Teachers’ Resource.

In order to provide you with effective tools to cater to your students’ needs, we’ve released a few updates to Math-Whizz Teachers’ Resource. These updates include some new features, as well as some improvements, to make your experience even smoother. So, teachers, check out what’s new!

1) Interactive Board

NEW FEATURE – You can now save your Interactive Board sessions to your computer. Once saved, you can open previous sessions at any time or even email them to other teachers to use within your school community!

To open a previously saved session, simply click ‘Open’ (next to ‘Save’) and choose the appropriate file.

Tip – Try this out as a new lesson-planning tool, or give it to your students as a reminder of the concepts you’ve covered in class.

Math-Whizz Teachers' Resource - "Save" feature

IMPROVEMENTS – as a result of your feedback we’ve made a number of improvements to the Interactive Board:

  • 24hr format on the interactive digital clock

Math-Whizz Teachers' Resource - clocks

  • Wider selection of weights on the interactive scales

Math-Whizz Teachers' Resource - scales

  • Wider selection of interactive containers

Math-Whizz Teachers' Resource - containers

2) Topic Search

You can now easily search for specific topics and objectives within your chosen year, making it easier than ever to navigate to your ideal lessons. You’ll find the most relevant topics and/or objectives at the top of your search results.

Math-Whizz Teachers' Resource - "Search" feature

If you have access to Math-Whizz Teachers’ Resource, log in to check out these new changes for yourself. If you have any further suggestions then please send them over – we couldn’t make improvements like this without you!

If you have any questions, your school’s Customer Success Manager will be happy to go through these updates in this quarter’s training session. To schedule your training session, get in touch now.

If you don’t currently have Math-Whizz Teachers’ Resource and you would like to find out more, then let us know how we can help!

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