Teaching Math in Spanish with Math-Whizz

The new bilingual student experience in Math-Whizz removes language barriers for ELL students by teaching math in Spanish

  • There are five million students in the US classified as English Language Learners (ELL).
  • 75% of these students speak Spanish.
  • Learning math in another language can be a frustrating experience that negatively impacts students’ progress in math.

Whizz is tackling the language barrier head on with the release of the bilingual Student Experience. Read on to see how your school can benefit from this exciting new feature!

Removing obstacles for learners when English isn’t their first language

Put yourself in the shoes of a seven-year-old student whose first language is not the language of instruction.

This is Diego’s reality.

Diego is an ELL student in California. His school has purchased the US version of Math-Whizz, but his first language is Spanish. Learning in only English has been a challenging experience for Diego. He has slipped behind in math, with devastating consequences for his confidence. He rarely puts his hand up in class for fear of getting the answer wrong.

Across the US, we hear this scenario time and again as students move from another country, or the main language spoken at home is different from school. Too many students are struggling with Math-Whizz because of language. This leaves them feeling frustrated, demotivated and reluctant to seek help when faced with a math problem.

At Whizz Education, our mission is to raise standards in math for every child.

“It is a real challenge for schools to cater to ELL learners, and this issue is increasing. Students are required to learn English and Math in combination, which can affect underlying confidence, mind sets and progress rates. The bilingual Student Experience is our way of saying that we refuse to let language barriers get in the way of students’ development in math.”
Paul Malone, MD at Whizz Education.

Restoring confidence for students like Diego

Diego’s school has signed up to the bilingual Student Experience, which allows them to provide math teaching in Spanish. This means Diego now has all the support he needs to follow each lesson and progress through the curriculum. His confidence has been restored: his participation in class and enthusiasm for math is on the rise.


Teachers can keep track of which language each lesson was attempted in via each student’s Lesson History.


Want to find out more?

All US schools are eligible for the bilingual Student Experience!

If this is something that could make a difference for your students, request more info today.

This is a huge step towards achieving our mission of delivering the ‘right lesson at the right time – and now in the right language for every student’.


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