It’s time for the Math-Whizz Winter Adventure 2016!

With schools closing for the winter holiday, Math-Whizz is a fantastic way to continue progress and prevent learning loss. Every year, our Whizz Winter Adventure makes sure that math is on our students’ festive calendars (working around their busy present-opening schedules, of course…), and this year’s adventure is packed with themed activities and quizzes. As always, our Adventure has learning at its heart, and students will continue their progress – as long as they have completed their initial assessment – while preventing learning loss. Students who join in for the journey are sure to free up parents’ time over the holiday and make their teachers’ lives that bit easier in January!

The 2016 Whizz Winter Adventure

If you’re a teacher with Math-Whizz, remind your students and their parents that this year’s Winter Adventure will be live from 15 December 2016. It contains 12 themed activities, including 6 game-style activities and 6 ‘Around the World’ festivities quizzes. While the Winter Adventure is live, every 30 credits students earn in Math-Whizz results in a star. For two stars, students can take part in a special Winter Activity, and for one star they can do a festive quiz. Every time an activity is completed, a piece of our Winter Puzzle is revealed. Once every piece is revealed, the scene springs to life!

The Whizz Winter Adventure Bedroom Message

Whizz Winter Adventure game

To make sure your students’ math learning stays on track this winter, have them log in to embark on our Winter Adventure from 15 December 2016 to 6 January 2017.

Looking for more festive math activities?

Our Whizz Activity Packs give you more fun resources to make sure your students stay constructively entertained during the winter break, both online and off!

Colour by numbers Whizz Bee

Whizz Activity Packs for schools

Download Maths-Whizz resources K-3 Whizz Activity Pack for school
Download Maths-Whizz resources 4-8 Whizz Activity Pack for school

Whizz Activity Packs for home

Download Maths-Whizz resources K-3 Whizz Activity Pack for parents
Download Maths-Whizz resources 4-8 Whizz Activity Pack for parents

Don’t forget: Even when winter bites and the snow sets in, children can always learn with Maths-Whizz!

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