Prevent Summer Learning Loss

What is learning loss?

A significant percentage of the material that is learnt during term time is forgotten during the holidays, resulting in what parents and teachers around the world call ‘learning loss’.

When children are away from school for long stretches, like the summer vacations, the facts are globally recognized: The longer the holiday, the less practice a child gets outside the classroom, the less educationally engaged they are, and the more learning loss they will suffer.

 How can learning loss affect a child’s progress in math?

The extent of learning loss varies widely across factors including age and subject. For math, the average student can lose up to 3 months of progress over the summer vacations. This means that, by September, your child’s ability in math could have regressed back to the same level it was at in April.

In Math-Whizz terms, your child could return to school next quarter with a lower Math Age than they left with last year. This is where you come in…

Parents: How can you avoid up to 3 months of learning loss and even help your child to progress further while enjoying themselves and making the most of the summer?

Teachers: How can you help your students to retain all their hard work, so that you’ve got less catching up to do next term?

What can you do to prevent learning loss?

Make sure the summer vacations are the time to practice what has been learned… without feeling like they’re back in school. (No one wants to deprive children of their precious summer-time freedom!)

Maths-Whizz Summer Adventure map

Math-Whizz helps children continue learning in a fun and engaging way, all year round, wherever they are. The Math-Whizz Summer Adventure takes that to a whole other level. Every completed lesson unlocks a new Summer Adventure holiday-themed gamerewarding them for their achievements and motivating them to keep developing their confidence in math. The adventure through the Mayan jungle with the Whizz Professor is a great way to reward your child for their hard work over the course of the year.

If your child already uses Math-Whizz they will automatically have access to the Summer Adventure when they log in from July 21, 2015 (as long as they have completed their assessment). If not, get in touch today to find out more about how Math-Whizz can help your child grow in confidence and fulfill their potential in math.

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