Math-Whizz is Available on iPads and Android Tablets with the Puffin Academy App

Parents, teachers and students can access Math-Whizz on iPads and Android tablets

Math-Whizz subscribers can access the online virtual tutor on iPads and tablets, through Puffin Academy, the free Flash mobile browser that provides access to whitelisted online educational resources.

Math-Whizz lesson on iPad

Please note:
1) You must be an existing Math-Whizz subscriber to use Math-Whizz through the Puffin Academy app. If you do not have a Math-Whizz subscription, go to and click ‘Subscribe’.
2) Whizz Education cannot guarantee the same educational experience on a mobile device as you would have on a desktop or a laptop.*

How to access Math-Whizz through Puffin Academy

1) Download the free Puffin Academy app from the Google Play store for Android tablets or from the iTunes store for iPads.

Puffin Academy app download from iOS

2) Once you have downloaded the app, go to this link within any browser on your tablet or iPad: puffin://

3) You will arrive on the Math-Whizz website within the Puffin Academy app. Log in to your account as usual and enjoy Math-Whizz on the go!

How to add Math-Whizz to your ‘bookmarks’

You only need to follow the steps above the first time you access Math-Whizz through the Puffin Academy app. Once you have done this, you can gain access to your online virtual tutor at the touch of a button. Simply follow these four steps to add Math-Whizz as a bookmark on your iPad or Android tablet.

1) Click the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

Click on the vertical dots to bookmark page on iPad

2) Click ‘Add to Bookmarks’.

Click 'Add to Bookmarks' to bookmark page

3) Click ‘Save’ and this will be added to your bookmarks.

Save Bookmark

4) The next time you want to use Math-Whizz on your iPad or Android tablet, open the Puffin Academy app, click on the three dots, then click ‘Bookmarks’. Select the saved bookmark and log in as usual!

Click on 'Bookmarks' to open your saved bookmarks

If you have downloaded the Puffin Academy app and used Math-Whizz via the app, we’d love to hear your feedback. For further advice on how you can get the most out of Math-Whizz on Puffin Academy, please contact the Customer Success Team.

*To have the best experience on Math-Whizz we recommend to access the virtual tutor from a computer or a laptop. Take a look at Math-Whizz top 5 FAQs for more information about accessibility and technical specifications. 

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