Parents, teachers and students can access Math-Whizz on iPads and Android tablets Math-Whizz subscribers can access the online virtual tutor on iPads and tablets, through Puffin Academy, the free Flash mobile browser that provides access to whitelisted online educational resources. Please note: 1) You must be an existing Math-Whizz subscriber to use Math-Whizz through the Puffin Academy app. If […]

At Whizz Education, we know how precious time is. That’s why we regularly respond to feedback from parents, students and teachers alike to make Math-Whizz as effective as possible. If you use Math-Whizz in your school, you’ll know that all the exercises and worksheets are mapped to the Common Core. This means that you can plan for […]

Know where you are and hold onto your progress along the way! Following on from the weekly usage journey, every Math-Whizz child will now know exactly how much more time they need to put into their personalized learning journey each week. How about how much more time they have in each exercise or test, or what […]