Technology in the Classroom

Being a teacher is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding jobs out there. Teachers change and impact the lives of their students in multiple ways every day. However, being a teacher is also a very challenging and demanding job. With class sizes rising and language barriers becoming more prevalent, how does a teacher ensure that every student is getting the education they deserve? Technology in the classroom is becoming more and more commonplace as teachers are discovering the many benefits of new programs, services and tools that can enhance their ability to reach every student.

The capacity to target each individual child at their learning pace is the absolute ideal for teachers, but with growing limitations, it is also virtually impossible for a single teacher to accomplish. This has increased the importance of technology in the classroom, as it is key to helping teachers to overcome the growing challenges of today’s education.


With technology becoming more and more readily available in schools, students are inundated with apps and games accessible at their fingertips, and the benefits of technology is not lost within the educational realm. The advantage of immediate feedback, as well as the safety of a personal learning space, has given students a confidence never before seen. Working within their own space gives children the confidence they need to work through problems on their own and go through the learning process at the pace that works best for them. More reliable internet at home also makes for simpler studying and easier parental involvement.

“Edtech investing reached $643 million in 2014 (a 37% increase from 2013), demonstrating the real potential for tech that address the needs of teachers, schools, students, and parents.”[1] Embracing and utilizing Edtech is clearly beneficial to the entire educational system, but how do we ensure that the investment is well spent?

With more and more services and programs entering the education market claiming their new program is the must-have piece of technology to have in the classroom, it is time to step back and make an informed decision. There are key features and benefits that the service should encompass, including:

  • Engaging and fun content
  • A service that allows for reinforcement and mastery of concepts
  • Differentiated instruction meeting students at their individual needs
  • One to one tutoring for every student
  • Professional Development to integrate with fidelity to achieve your learning goals

How do you know if the service you are researching includes the features and benefits you are looking for?

Through short term pilots, like the Math-Whizz Pilot Scheme, you can dig into the service and content to make sure it is the best fit before making an investment. A pilot is the perfect opportunity to see the service in action with your students and teachers in the environment you are going to implement it in.

It is important that educators are well informed, but it is equally as important for educators to be well supported. In order for a successful implementation of online educational programs teachers must be supported by the administration and the providers of any services.


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