The Return of the Math-Whizz Champion

At Whizz, we’re always looking for new ways to encourage children to engage with learning and celebrate success to ensure hard work never goes unnoticed. That’s why we’re bringing back one of our most popular awards…yes, it’s the return of the monthly Math-Whizz Champion!


Why are we bringing it back?

With fewer opportunities for children to receive positive feedback through their usual assemblies and termly awards, we feel it’s the right time to bring back award. It’s the perfect way to give your child that little bit of extra encouragement during this difficult time.


What makes the Math-Whizz Champion special?

With coins, gems, pets and toys, there are already lots of great ways that Math-Whizz rewards children for engaging with learning. But we wanted to go a step further by offering parents, teachers and carers the chance to give special recognition to anyone you feel has really gone the extra mile with learning.

The Math-Whizz Champion is about more than just achieving recommended Usage and Progressions (though that’s still important!). It’s a way for you to acknowledge specific achievements for your child – whether that’s increased confidence, a more positive attitude towards math or an overall improvement in motivation to learn.


When does the Math-Whizz Champion award start?

The Math-Whizz Champion award is back this month and nominations for our first champion are already open. All you have to do is visit our Math-Whizz Champion page and complete the entry form.


Learn more…

For more information about the Math-Whizz Champion award, including what reward the monthly winner and nominees will receive, and when nominations have to be submitted by, visit our Math-Whizz Champion page now.

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