Effective Date: 26 May 2022

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School Customers - Access Agreements

Click below to view and download the relevant Access Agreement for our principal services to North American schools and/or the Data Protection Supplementary Statement for North American schools which sets out the Company’s policy and the respective obligations of the Company and our schools with respect to personal data shared pursuant to the Access Agreements:

Access Agreement for Math-Whizz Tutoring Plus for Schools
Access Agreement for Math-Whizz Teachers’ Resource

Home Customers - Access Agreements

Click below to view and download the Home Subscription Agreement which sets out the terms and conditions governing a subscription by an individual to Math-Whizz tutoring services for a student of whom the subscriber is a parent or legal guardian:

Home Subscription Agreement

All Users – Terms of Website Use, Whizz Education Worldwide Data Protection Policy

Click below to view and download our terms of website use for all visitors to this website
Click below to view and download the Data Protection Policy of Whizz Education worldwide

Schools' Money Back Guarantee - Terms & Conditions

Children who use Math-Whizz in Tutor Mode for 45 minutes per week will improve their Math Age by, on average, more than 12 months in their first year of use. Whizz Education is willing to guarantee that level of learning progress rate. In short, accelerated learning or your money back.