Turn learning loss into learning gains with Math-Whizz

We hosted a webinar, between Whizz Education experts Fiona Goddard and Stephanie Ernst on this topic, where they discussed learning loss and how Math-Whizz can help. They reveal that, even with schools reopening, children have much ground to catch up on, and how Math-Whizz can help with this, turning learning loss into learning gains.

This is a special webinar for parents who are using Math-Whizz through their child’s school.

Hosted by

Fiona Goddard

Fiona has spent more than three decades teaching in the classroom and supporting schools to raise standards in mathematics. She is responsible for developing and implementing Whizz’s Professional Developments to help schools get the most out of Math-Whizz.

Stephanie Ernst

Stephanie is an experienced math teacher who understands the range of challenges teachers face. She is an Education Success Partner at Whizz Education, supporting our schools across the US in achieving their goals in math.