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Math-Whizz 2.0

A Brave New World of Math

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What's new in Math-Whizz 2.0?

Mobile Friendly

Math-Whizz has been rebuilt from the ground up to be compatible with popular mobiles and tablets. That means no more Flash and no need for additional apps. Just log straight into Math-Whizz through our website on your iPad or tablet and start learning.

Customizable Avatars

We wanted to make the new version of Math-Whizz as engaging and personalized as possible, so in Math-Whizz 2.0 every child will have the opportunity to create their own avatar. With endless customization options available, children can create anything from the image of themselves, to aliens with handlebar moustaches.

Brave New Worlds

We didn't want personalization to stop at lessons and avatars though, in Math-Whizz 2.0 each child will even be able to customize the world their avatar lives in. Starting with Space and Jungle, new worlds will be added over time, giving students new ways to spend their credits earned by completing lessons, and encouraging them to stay engaged with tutor mode.

Rewards and Leaderboards

Use the weekly tutoring map to visualize progress and track the gems and credits earned towards gaining Whizz Superstar status! The leaderboard will show who has earned the most weekly credits in your buddy list, school and the whole Whizz World and credits can be spent on toys, pets and accessories in the Whizz shop!

A 'Whizzy' New Guide

And last but not least, there's a brand new character in town! After years of loyal service, our beloved Whizz Professor will be retiring. Don't fear though, our new Student Guide, Whizzy, is sure to be loved by students just as much, as it was inspired by their own designs. Whizzy won't be alone though, as over time Whizzy will be joined by more math loving friends, giving students the opportunity to pick the guide that appeals most to them.

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