Online tutoring best practice

Please read the following section carefully, parents play a crucial role in their child’s success

Math-Whizz gets the best results with parents who…

  • Are well-informed
  • View their online reports on a regular basis
  • Schedule time for their children to use the online tutor for 60 minutes a week

If you follow these best practice guidelines, your child will be fully supported in order to achieve their potential in math.

Usage levels on Math-Whizz

Regular usage guarantees sustained improvement and long-term confidence. It is essential that you create a weekly routine, ensuring that your child uses the Math-Whizz Tutor two to three times a week for 20 minutes each time. Since Math-Whizz is an engaging online learning environment, your child may initially exceed the recommended tutoring time. You are advised to create a disciplined schedule from the beginning, in order to prevent ‘burnout’. Equally important, if your child under-uses the online tutor, it is your role as a parent to ensure that they stick to their schedule. ‘Little and often’ is key!

Weekly Planner

Download and print the Weekly Planner, then agree upon a schedule that your child is happy with in order to ensure long-term, sustained improvement. Let your child put their personalized plan up on their wall and make sure they stick to it!

Proof Pack

Experience has shown that children who use the Math-Whizz Tutor for 60 minutes a week improve their Math Age by, on average, more than 18 months in the space of just one year. Download the Math-Whizz Proof Pack for more information.

Your child's math reports

Math-Whizz reports demonstrate your child’s progress using ‘Math Age’. Your child’s Math Age is continuously measured in your live parent reports. You can print the progress reports to share with teachers or prepare home education reports and portfolio with ease. You can even print certificates or send motivational messages safely and securely to your child.

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