Why choose Math-Whizz?

Math-Whizz helps children to fulfill their potential and gives parents instant clarity

Whether your child is at the top, middle or bottom of their grade, Math-Whizz will identify their unique learning needs and ensure that these needs are addressed.

Math-Whizz Features

What makes our award-winning tutor so effective?

Educationally powerful content

Live parental reports to help you monitor progress

A personalized learning journey for every child

Safe and secure environment, free from distraction

An engaging environment that motivates children

Available anytime online, on any PC or laptop

How does the online tutor teach your child?

In 3 easy steps...


When your child first logs in to Math-Whizz, the Tutor will ask them a range of math questions to determine their current ability across different math topics.. The Tutor is then able to continually assess your child’s ability as they work their way through lessons and activities. As a result, your child will get the right lessons at the right time, with extra attention in weaker topics.


Math-Whizz does more than review and provide practice – it teaches. It starts each lesson by explaining the concept with engaging interactive animations and sets a series of practice questions. Then, just like a human tutor, Math-Whizz will react to your child's needs and provide extra math help if they struggle to understand a concept. Finally, the new knowledge is tested so that your child learns to apply what they have learned to a classroom or test environment.


As a parent, you can view your child’s live reports at any time. This allows you to see your child’s Math Age, as well as how they are progressing in different topics. It’s like having access to a report card every day!

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