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Math-Whizz subscription options

Your child’s education is an investment and it starts here.

If you are a parent*, you can jump-start your child’s math education by subscribing to Math-Whizz for $29.99 per month or $249 per year.**

* If you are from a school or district group, you can request school pricing information here.

  • Annual subscription – $249 per yearbest_value

The annual subscription provides unlimited Math-Whizz tutoring for each year subscribed. At $249 per year, this is best value option, and is suitable for parents who are committed to sustained improvement for their child.

* Extra sibling discounts apply on this type of subscription only: While you have a full-priced annual subscription for one of your children, each additional annual subscription for your other children will automatically be priced at $179 – making the Math-Whizz advantage even better value for your whole family.

  • Monthly subscription – $29.99 per month

No commitments, unsubscribe any time The monthly subscription provides unlimited Math-Whizz tutoring for each month subscribed. At $29.99 per month, the monthly cost is less than the price of one hour of private tutoring.

There is no contract on the monthly subscription, so it is ideal if you want to try Math-Whizz out – seeing the results of the initial assessment and how your child responds to Math-Whizz. However, monthly subscribers should upgrade to an annual subscription as soon as possible, since great results are achieved through a sustained routine of usage. Subscriptions will automatically renew, but monthly subscribers can unsubscribe at any time by contacting the Customer Success Team.

Click ‘Subscribe’ below or call the Customer Success Team on +1 (206) 547 0434 to subscribe today.


“We couldn’t have made a better choice!” Colin Tucker, parent
“Great program and such an amazing experience!” Tania Ash, parent
“I never fail to recommend this to any parents. Just superb!” Shirley, parent

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