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Math-Whizz in Your Home

Parents find Math-Whizz extremely effective in a variety of settings. With content aligned to the Common Core and state standards, Math-Whizz ensures that the skills learned at home will make a difference in the classroom or when it’s time for important exams.

“Our family loves Math-Whizz! One of my daughters has jumped up almost a whole age level in just two months. If talking about maths I always mention Math-Whizz and tell them about the best kept math secret that I have found!”

K. Monaco, Parent

“All 5 of my children, ages 5-11, use Math-Whizz and love it! They have made so much progress in their math this year. It has been especially wonderful for my two children who have trouble focusing their attention. Math workbooks weren’t working, but with Math-Whizz they have progressed steadily and quickly. I really love the program, and will continue to use it…”

Karen, Home Educator


Math-Whizz is the winner of the Top Homeschool Curriculum 5 Star Award, which recognizes the best home school curriculum programs. This is why Alexander uses Math-Whizz almost every day as the primary component of his math curriculum 

Before / After School

Nisha needs a bit of extra practice, so she uses Math-Whizz after school, for 30 minutes 3 times a week, to give her a boost and close learning gaps not addressed in the classroom.

Prevent Learning Loss

Maria uses Math-Whizz over extended breaks away from school – successfully preventing ‘summer slide’ and returning to school focused and ready to learn.

Gifted and Talented

Raul needs an extra challenge after the school bell rings – he jumps on Math-Whizz a few times a week for 25 minutes at a time.

Your child’s education is an investment and it starts here.
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