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Blended Learning Expertise

The Math-Whizz Suite: Raising Achievement and Confidence in Math

There are four key components to the service

Virtual Tutoring

Virtual Tutoring

Each student receives a tailored course of instruction to meet their unique ability and pace of learning



Measure achievement, usage and progress in real time

Teacher Tool

Teacher Tools

Make math come to life and lesson planning easy with a suite of digital tools for small group and whole class instruction

Blended Learning Expertise

Blended Learning Expertise

Partner with our education team to create a blended learning model that meets your requirements

Demo on our service

The Math-Whizz tutor takes adaptive learning to the next level. Watch the video to find out how


Differentiated instruction for every student

Every student deserves personal attention in their education, regardless of their ability. How can you arm your teachers with the tools they need to meet your differentiated instruction requirements?

With Math-Whizz Tutoring Plus, the award winning differentiated instruction tool, you can be sure that every student receives the right lesson at the right time for their individual learning needs.

* On average, students improve their Math Age by 18 months in their first year of use when they use Math-Whizz for an hour a week. See Math-Whizz Proof Pack for details.
With an individual account for every child, your students can progress in math wherever they are – in the classroom, at home or anywhere with access to the internet! It’s just like having a teaching assistant for every child in class and a personal tutor for every child at home.

With recommended usage of 45 to 60 minutes a week over a school year of 180 days, each student will receive 27 hours of personal attention in math through Math-Whizz. For a primary school of 480 students, that’s 12,960 extra hours of differentiated instruction every year!


Transparency on achievement, progress and usage

With an individual account for every student in your school, the Math-Whizz online reporting suite becomes a powerful tool.

You can view achievement, progress and usage levels for your whole school, a chosen class or an individual student. With full visibility, your data requirements have never been more straightforward.

Place value

Properties of Numbers


Worded Problems

And much more!

These Math-Whizz reporting tools are invaluable in helping principals to

Deliver on reporting needs for governing agencies and funding sources (such as closing attainment gaps for Title 1 funding)

Measure the success of your math programs, as well as the adoption rates of throughout your school

Investigate discrepancies between different levels of student or class progression, take action and allocate resources accordingly

Back-up teacher assessment with Common Core aligned assessments and reports on every student’s progress and achievement

Assisting with teacher-led instruction

As part of the Math-Whizz Suite, Math-Whizz Teachers’ Resource empowers your teachers to plan and create lessons any time and anywhere.

Over 1,200 lessons

Over 1,200 lessons

You can provide your teachers with a library of over 1,200 pre-planned and Common Core aligned lessons.

Test worksheets

Test worksheets

Allow teachers and students to easily create worksheets, consisting of questions from multiple topics and difficulty levels.

Extension problems

Extension problems

Promote deeper mathematical reasoning and problem solving. They support both whole-class and small-group instructions.

Interactive board

Interactive board

Packed full of interactive features, the board is a great tool to present educational content that is engaging and easy to use.

Trusted and relied upon by thousands of teachers to raise and maintain math achievement in thousands of schools worldwide.


Here are a few samples from our bank of over 1,200 math lessons.


Blended Learning Expertise

Whizz Education is a pioneer in virtual tutoring and its education team has been partnering with schools and districts for fifteen years to create effective blended learning models.

Every school and district is unique and has its own challenges. An integral part of the service is creating a framework to meet the needs of each learning environment.

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