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The WHY behind Math-Whizz

Whizz Education was founded 12 years ago on the belief that every child deserves a learning experience that caters to their individual needs and pace of learning because, as you know, every child is different.

We were seeking to address a particular problem faced in schools all around the world and that is the wide range of abilities and individual learning needs in each class and the limitations of having 30 or more students, one teacher and 45 minutes in a typical class.

Here you can see the typical gap in achievement that teachers have to face daily. This research is generated from the thousands of learning journeys taken in Math-Whizz and is consistent all around the World.



12-years operational experience

Presence in 10 global markets

21 states in the USA

60 million lessons delivered

Available in English, Spanish and Russian

Tell me about the service

The Math-Whizz tutor takes adaptive learning to the next level. Watch the video to find out how


What learning goals will this help with

Differentiated Instruction

Meet differentiated instruction requirements, with a truly personalized learning journey for every student, providing that extra attention to their needs and pace of learning that can accelerate progress.

Build confidence

Build your students’ confidence in math as they receive targeted support, when and where they need it.

Customer Success Team

Utilize the Whizz Education customer success team, as we partner with you to harness technology to deliver learning goals.

Parent Involvement

Build parental engagement, each parent can have full visibility on their child’s progress, via Parent Dashboard access and email update options

Global Partners

Large Implementations


International Awards

Tell me about the lessons

Lessons start with a tutorial section where students can move forward and backwards at their own pace. Once they feel confident, they will progress to the interactive exercises. At the end of the question bank, students will prove that they have mastered the learning objective through an online test that will indicate if they are ready to move forward to the next level.


Lets get in touch. Send us a message:

Seattle, US

Phone: 206 547 0434

Email: sales@whizz.com

Request Information about a Pilot – US

Provide the following information to start your pilot and see how Math-Whizz is the right choice for your teachers and students!

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