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Math-Whizz®: Raising Math Achievement in your Classroom

  • Differentiated instruction
  • Real-time achievement and progress reports
  • Whole-class teaching tools

The 4 Year Gap: The challenge of the modern classroom

Every child has unique learning needs. Our research shows that mixed-ability classes typically have a 4 year gap in math ability between the highest and lowest achieving students.

Every day, teachers are faced with the challenge of planning and delivering lessons to give each child the individual attention that they deserve – difficult for one teacher in a 45 minute lesson with a class of up to 30!

The 4 Year Gap

With the innovative technology provided by Whizz Education, every child gets the individual attention they deserve in order to fulfill their potential.

The Math-Whizz Suite: The right lesson at the right time for every child

Average Math Age

Math-Whizz is Whizz Education’s award-winning online suite of math services. The suite helps teachers around the United States and the rest of the world raise math achievement and address each of their students’ individual learning needs.

* On average, students improve their Math Age™ by 18 months in their first year of use when they use Math-Whizz for an hour a week. See Math-Whizz Proof Pack for details.

As a teacher, the Math-Whizz Suite allows you to…

  • Deliver differentiated instruction for every student, in a fun and engaging way
  • Access real-time reports on each student’s progress, achievement and usage
  • Plan classwork and homework from a library of more than 1,200 Common Core-aligned interactive lessons and tests
  • Support students in revision and exam preparation with powerful whole-class, group and one-to-one teaching tools
  • Reward hard work with credits, medals, stickers and certificates, as well as interactive games and challenges
  • Receive on going professional development from a dedicated Customer Success Manager

The Math-Whizz Suite includes three integrated services. Each part of the Suite arms you with essential tools for the modern classroom:

1. Math-Whizz Tutoring Plus Differentiated instruction and reporting program
2. Math-Whizz Teachers’ Resource Whole-class and lesson planning resources
3. Professional Development and Support Best Practice

1. Math-Whizz Tutoring Plus

Imagine having a virtual classroom assistant for every child in your class – with Math-Whizz you can deliver the right lesson at the right time for every child.

Math-Whizz Tutoring PLUS+

Math-Whizz Tutoring Plus is the world-leading virtual online teaching assistant. It delivers personalized, online one-to-one math tutoring for every student. Just like a human tutor, it then reports back on each student’s progress and adapts their learning journey to their individual needs.

Math-Whizz Tutoring Plus allows you to:

  • Support differentiated learning by delivering a personalized tutoring plan for every student following an adaptive assessment
  • Access real-time reports with full visibility on progress, current level of achievement and usage (over your chosen time period)
  • Review the facts that are relevant to you and provide meaningful insight into your class’s progress and achievement levels
  • Gain full visibility on each student’s progress through the Common Core
  • Math Age progression chart before

  • Math Age progression Chart after

2. Math-Whizz Teachers’ Resource

Math-Whizz Teachers' ResourceMath-Whizz Teachers’ Resource helps you make best use of classroom time. The award-winning, whole-class teaching and lesson planning tool offers:

  • More than 1,200 interactive lessons for teacher-led instruction (each with its own animated exercise and worksheet)
  • Mixed topic tests for revision and exam preparation
  • Common Core curriculum mapping and lesson planning

3. Professional Development and Support

Throughout your Math-Whizz Suite subscription, you will receive professional development and support, with access to:

  • Full introductory training
  • Termly success reviews
  • Advice on best practice usage

Class doing Math-Whizz lessons

Trusted and relied upon by thousands of teachers to raise and maintain math achievement in their classrooms.

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