The Whizz Summer Program

What is the Whizz Summer Program?

Math-Whizz is the next generation in supplemental online math education. Aligned to Common Core Standards and tailored to every child’s individual learning needs, Math-Whizz delivers measurable results and empowers teachers to target their teaching where it is needed most.

The Whizz Summer Program is a great way to prevent summer learning loss! Try the Math-Whizz Suite for your school and arm your teachers with the tools to deliver a great summer program with real educational value.

How does the Whizz Summer Program work?

  1. Each student will have their own login for a personalized online study area, which can be accessed via the internet at home, in school or even on vacation!
  2. The Math-Whizz Tutor will begin by finding their strengths and weaknesses in math – just like a human teacher.
  3. They will then start a tailored learning journey, receiving differentiated instruction in math based on the results of their assessment and their unique learning needs.
  4. While all this is happening, teachers can keep track of their students’ progress with full reports that measure usage, attainment and progress.

How will your teachers be supported throughout the program?

Whizz Education has over 10 years of experience in assisting schools to deliver effective supplemental math programs. Every Math-Whizz school receives implementation training and regular reviews, ensuring that they can achieve their educational goals and make a real difference to student achievement levels.


To find out more about the Whizz Summer Program, contact the Whizz Education Team today at [email protected] or call on +1 (206) 547 0292.