Love Math-Whizz?

Why not give it to every student for FREE?

For a limited time, Whizz Education is giving you the opportunity to trial our multi-award-winning online math tutor throughout your whole school with an exciting 12-week pilot program.

Why Expand Math-Whizz?

Resources for every student 

Math-Whizz isn’t just great for intervention students, it caters to students of all abilities. With over 1240 exciting lessons and worksheets, Math-Whizz has material that can engage both your high and low achieving students. 

Reduce teacher workload 

Unlike some tools, Math-Whizz assigns and grades individualized lessons for each and every student and only introduces new material when it knows they’re ready - all without teacher input! It’s like having a specialized math TA that can help students in the classroom and at home.

Full visibility 

Math-Whizz’s Assessment & Reporting tool provides teachers with data and reports as soon as students begin using the Tutor. Our easy to understand reports track achievement, usage and progress across the whole school and express the data in a format that is easy to share with parents and key staff.

Increased effectiveness 

The Tutor is more powerful when used across a whole classroom, rather than in isolated intervention groups, as it’s easier to integrate the vital 60 minutes a week learning time into full classroom lesson plans. Centralized usage also allows the Tutor to target weaknesses in students’ knowledge across the curriculum rather in a single ‘weak area’ like it's expected to do in an intervention setting.

How the Pilot Works

Schools who qualify for the pilot get unlimited access to the full Math-Whizz package for 12 weeks, completely free. No strings attached.

The process is simple:

  • Submit a pilot request by clicking 'request a pilot' button below.
  • One of our team will contact you to talk to you about Math-Whizz and together you'll determine whether it could help your school.
  • If you think Math-Whizz if right for your school, we'll activate your pilot, giving you free unlimited access to Math-Whizz, staff training and product support for 12-weeks.

Don't Delay

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