Maths-Whizz Flash Upgrade

As you may be aware, Adobe Systems have announced plans to discontinue support for their Flash Player – a technology that Maths-Whizz currently uses – by the end of 2020. We also understand that some of you have recently experienced frustrations because Flash is not fully supported by some browsers and mobile devices.

Please be aware that we have already started the journey of remaking our award-winning content in HTML5. The project is ongoing and we expect it to be fully completed within 12-18 months but we will begin rolling out some new content and user experiences even sooner. This move will allow us to provide the best possible experience for users on mobile devices and will provide the same level of engagement, interaction and imagination you have come to expect from Whizz Education.

You don’t need to take any action right now.

We just wanted to update you about the move, and to reassure you that Maths-Whizz will be delivering an even better educational experience in HTML5.