What is Maths Mastery?

Mastery is a simple, positive concept and one that is helping hundreds of thousands of students around the world towards success. Here we explore what maths mastery really means, and why it should be taught.

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Whether you’re for it or against it, excited, angry or new to the whole debate, one thing’s certain: maths mastery is happening.

This short, sharp guide from Whizz Education gives you the insights you need:

  • What is maths mastery?
  • Why teach it?
  • Five ways to teach mathematics mastery

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In maths teaching, buzzwords come and go. Having spent 12 years working with schools across the UK, we’ve seen our fair share.

But mathematics mastery deserves attention.

Not just because mastery approaches are now supported by Ofsted, the DfE and a range of new specialists, and not just because they work in places like Singapore and Shanghai.

At Whizz Education, we’re paying attention to mastery because of the simple, positive idea it starts from. We’ve seen that idea work for hundreds of thousands of students in the schools who use our online maths service, Maths-Whizz. We’ve seen it empower their teachers, and raise standards for their schools.

That’s why we dedicated Part One of the 2017 Whizz Insights to the question: ‘What does maths mastery really mean?’