Maths in the Real World & Space Mission

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Without numbers to count, we wouldn’t get very far. Making sense of our world would be impossible without our ancestors exploring the seas and the story of human flight doesn’t end on Earth.

These are some of the areas we explore this year as we conquer the universe through three exhilarating extravaganzas (termly). You can attend these interactive sessions with your class and develop the ideas further in your own class time. The accompanying handout has simplification and extension on the main activity.

  1. We start with zero to infinity and beyond finding the possibilities with numbers.
  2. Then we go round and round on board our ship finding our way through the treacherous seas to reason the best routes.
  3. The climax is our Whizz space mission where we explore number patterns and shapes in art.

We also dive into an exciting Space Mission STEM project looking at our solar system and stepping into the boots of an astronaut. There are multiple activities that can be completed in isolation or planned into the curriculum over many lessons or used in extracurricular sessions . The activities can be adapted depending on the age or need of the students.

Not only that, each month we look back and celebrate some amazing Masters of Maths who have made mind blowing discoveries over the centuries. As developing mathematicians we hope you will be attempting to tackle some of the challenges and problems we have linked to each Master of Maths.

Are you up for the challenge? All you need to do is sign up by filling in the form below and come on board to join Whizz’s fantastic adventures throughout this year.

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