Welcome to the test!

It'll be ready for you to try out with your child soon

To find out more about the beta, including when it's going to start, what devices and browsers you can use, and how to get support while on the Beta, take a look at the information on this page

When will the test start?

The Maths-Whizz 2.0 test will start on March 11.

How do I access the new version?

Now that you've opted-in, you will automatically start seeing the new version of Maths-Whizz when the test starts on March 11. Just log in through the website as you normally would, and it'll be there for you to start using.

What happens if something doesn't work?

At any point during this testing phase, you can choose to go back to the classic version of Maths-Whizz by clicking 'Go to the old experience'.

If you have any questions you can start a Whizz Assist live chat by using the icon in the bottom left of the screen once you’ve logged in.

Which browsers can I use?

Maths-Whizz 2.0 has been developed to work seamlessly on all the latest browser versions.

If you’re using Internet Explorer 11, you will need to change to a different browser before using Maths-Whizz 2.0.