Winter Adventure

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Keeping children constructively entertained over the festive season can be tough. Every year the Whizz Winter Adventure helps children continue making progress on their learning journeys between their busy present-opening schedules!

All Maths-Whizz students will have access to this year's Winter Adventure from 15th December 2014 (as long as they have completed their initial assessment). As a fun form of learning loss prevention, it's more than a great way to keep your child entertained throughout the festive season - it also gives them an advantage when they return to school in January.

The Whizz Winter Adventure contains 12 festive themed activities: 6 are game-style activities and 6 'Around the World' festivities quizzes.

During the Winter Adventure, your child will receive a special star for every 30 credits they earn. These stars can be redeemed in order to progress through the Winter Adventure - each activity requires two stars and each quiz requires one. Each time an activity is completed, a puzzle piece of a special winter scene is unlocked. Once every puzzle piece is revealed, the scene comes alive!

Make sure your child completes the activities and quizzes before 6th January 2015 in order to unveil the special Christmas scene.

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